SSW Day 1

100 Opening

Click on the following titles to see the rest of the day’s videos. The videos are in high definition. If a video loads slowly, you have the option of reducing the resolution, by clicking the wheel icon (settings) at the bottom right of the YouTube screen.

101 Preamble: Classification of the Buddha’s Teachings 34:39
102 Introduction: Significance & Background 18:21
103 Overview: Structure of the Sutta 7:51
104 Abstract I 8:54
105 Discussion D1: What is sati? 11:13
106 Abstract II 16:39

Here we start with the first Satipaṭṭhāna.

107 Section 1.1 on In-Breath and Out-Breath 12:57
108 Discussion D2: 1st person direct speech vs anatta 6:07
109 Discussion D3:  “whole body”? / “calm the bodily formation” 26:55
110 Discussion D4: How to contemplate internally / externally 8:14
111 Section 1.2 on Postures 9:33
112 Section 1.3 on Clear Knowing 12:42
113 Guided Meditation on Acting while Clearly Knowing 5:59
114 Discussion D5: How to dwell independently, without clinging 14:15

115 Summary and Conclusion: Day 1 18:07
116 Question & Answers 26:54

End of Day 1. Click on the Day 2 tab in the menu bar above to go to the second day.


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