SSW Day 1

100 Opening

Click on the following titles to see the rest of the day’s videos. The videos are in high definition. If a video loads slowly, you have the option of reducing the resolution, by clicking the wheel icon (settings) at the bottom right of the YouTube screen.

101 Preamble: Classification of the Buddha’s Teachings 34:39
102 Introduction: Significance & Background 18:21
103 Overview: Structure of the Sutta 7:51
104 Abstract I 8:54
105 Discussion D1: What is sati? 11:13
106 Abstract II 16:39

Here we start with the first Satipaṭṭhāna.

107 Section 1.1 on In-Breath and Out-Breath 12:57
108 Discussion D2: 1st person direct speech vs anatta 6:07
109 Discussion D3:  “whole body”? / “calm the bodily formation” 26:55
110 Discussion D4: How to contemplate internally / externally 8:14
111 Section 1.2 on Postures 9:33
112 Section 1.3 on Clear Knowing 12:42
113 Guided Meditation on Acting while Clearly Knowing 5:59
114 Discussion D5: How to dwell independently, without clinging 14:15

115 Summary and Conclusion: Day 1 18:07
116 Question & Answers 26:54

End of Day 1. Click on the Day 2 tab in the menu bar above to go to the second day.

One comment on “SSW Day 1
  1. santideva says:

    Dear Bhante,

    There is another word which I need explanation and clarification about, and that is “satima”. Would you please elaborate on this word and also on its connection to sati and sampajana?

    Thank you very much, Shlomo Santideva Springer

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