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101 Overview & Structure of the Workshop 7:25
How the workshop is structured: Discussion, Guided Meditation, Presentations & Explanation.

Read page 10 Introduction before viewing video 102
102 Introduction Kamma & Experiencing Its Result  3:34
Discussing Sutta ‘Volitional (1) (AN10.217 in NDB)

Discussion for D1
Does “making an end of suffering” refer to the moment of attainment of arahantship (kilesa-parinibbāna) or the physical death of an arahant (khandha-parinibbāna)?

103 Guided Meditation on Open Awareness 12:05
Guided meditation, with eyes OPEN

104 Presentation of D1 36:03
Groups, from several centres presenting their viewpoints

105 Explanation of D1 19:21
Bhante explains D1, with the addition of a Q&A at 16:54 [How to understand the multiple negations of the Buddha’s words?]



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