Sutta Workshops by Āyasmā Aggacitta

This website was originally created to collate material for the Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop (SSW) 2012, especially the video clips in YouTube to facilitate proper navigation. The collated material is still here. Click on Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta on the menu above. Hover your cursor over the menu and Days 1 to 4 will appear as a popup.

We are now widening the scope of this website to cover other Dhamma courses conducted by Āyasmā Aggacitta, the videos of which are in YouTube. It is under construction.

The pages for the Samatha & Vipassanā Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop (SVW) 2014 and How to Diminish the Effects of Bad Past Kamma Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop (BKW) 2016 have been updated and all the videos uploaded to YouTube. For a structured and systematic navigation experience of the videos, please feel welcome to visit the relevant pages.

We are currently constructing the pages for How to Die a Good Death Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop (GDW) 2019. The video clips will be published as soon as they have been collated, edited and finalised. So, do follow us and be the first to be informed and to view them soonest.


18 comments on “Sutta Workshops by Āyasmā Aggacitta
  1. Tan Joo Lan says:

    I find the you tube upload of the proceedings of the Satipatthana workshop over 4 days and other info to be of good quality in the visuals and sound, the access easy. This entails tremendous effort and dedication and thanks go to Mikael for making it possible for us to benefit from this project.
    Indescribable heartfelt gratitude and appreciation go to Ayasma Aggacitta for conducting the workshops over the years.

  2. Neville Evans says:

    Today I have found a wonderful gift, I look forward to the study.

  3. N.K.FOO says:

    Sadhu! Sadhu! Ssdhu! to Ayasma Aggacitta for taking time to conduct the workshops and making the video for the happiness and benefit of Dhammafarers.

  4. BT Tay says:

    I rejoice indeed.

    Perhaps a more exhaustive linguistic analysis of the terms “atapi sampajano” would yield deeper meanings /wider scope – range of meaning that may not necessarily be readily apparent from the english translation.

  5. BT Tay says:

    Dear Ayasma Aggacitta ,

    I truly rejoice and applaud you for this website.

  6. SarathW says:

    Thanks to Ven. Aggacitta and all the admin staff for this wonderful project.
    I have given lot of publicity for this web site in our Dhamma discussion group Dhamma Wheel. Please join.

  7. BT Tay says:

    Dear Ven Aggacitta ,

    Please have a long life filled with perfect energy .
    May all your Dhamma-Vinaya activities fluorish further.

    Nowadays covid-19 is such a good wake up call . The covid-19 dukkha.

    11-9-2020 21:02:30

  8. BT Tay says:

    Dear Ven Aggacitta ,

    covid-19 is such a very very good Dhamma lesson .
    Real , current , and so much samadhi-panna to be gained .

    28-5-2021 07:17:57(am)

  9. BT Tay says:

    The covid-19 “atapi sampajano”.
    Tilakkhana in action !
    28-5-2021 07:19:14(am)

  10. BT Tay says:

    Now lockdown is covid-19 retreat “dhamma retreat “.
    Tilakkhana in action .

    28-5-2021 07:20:53(am)

  11. BT Tay says:

    Dear Ven Aggacitta ,

    covid-19 really nice for Anattalakkhana Sutta – the part on the abadhaya samvettaya , the first part .

    Perhaps Ven Aggacitta really may want to do an “Anattalakkhana Sutta -based retreat “.

    By the way , the Vinaya Mahavagga version ends with “tena kho pana samyena cha loke arahanto hoti” , this statement is NOT in the Samyutta Nikaya version .
    The 5 bhikkhus just Dhamma cakkhu after Dhammacakka Sutta , but after Anattalakkha then arahants .

    Please correct me if I am wrong , Ven Aggacitta.

    For myself , “Anatta is the aggadhamma”. Also one of the tilakkhana . sabbe dhamma anatta .

    28-5-2021 07:28:14(am)

  12. BT Tay says:

    Ven Aggacitta ,

    covid-19 is powerful satipatthana as at 30-5-2021 05:17:50.

    What do you think ?

    BT Tay
    30-5-2021 05:18:39(am)

    • Sorry, my internet connection kena covid since last month. It has been very temperamental and unpredictable. I’ve had to cancel an online Mindful Awareness & Serenity (MAS) Retreat 29 May – 4 June. Despite repeated complaints to TM, the problem has yet to be rectified.

      On Sun, 30 May 2021, 5:18 am Sutta Workshops by Āyasmā Aggacitta, wrote:


      • BT Tay says:

        31-8-2021 18:11. Ven . Aggacitta how is your internet now ?

      • BT Tay says:

        31-8-2021 18:13. Ven Aggacitta , how is your internet now ?

      • BT Tay says:

        Ven Aggacitta ,

        Thank you for Ven Aggacitta’s illustration of vayadhamma sankhara . So now for the appamadena sampadetha part – is the Anatta Workshop .
        The vayadhamma sankhara is a reminder of anatta .
        But to enforce and reinforce the anatta reminder – we really need Ven Aggacitta’s Anatta Workshop .
        Maybe Ven Aggacitta is preparing the ground for the Anatta workshop .

        10 Aug 2022 08:15:42 UTC How is the internet now ?

        I am so hungry for your Anatta Workshop ?

        How can I get Ven Aggacitta’s digital stuff on Anatta extracts( Pali with english translation) from the Pali Tipitaka , given Ven Aggacitta’s expertise in Pali english translation and penetration into the Pali Tipitaka itself .

        Really sayang noh if we don’t obtain Ven Aggacitta’s Anatta Workshop .

        For example , atapi sampajana , personally the sampajana and atapi must be good enough to contain the anatta component then it is surpassing .Otherwise – boh kau lat . And since anatta is unique and such a deep and profound thing – no choice have to rely on the Tathagata Shakyamuni’s words recorded in the Pali Tipitaka . Please correct me if I am wrong .

        Then about the Sotapanna promotion program – hmmm – for myself to get strongly connected to the Anattalakkhana Sutta with great faith and as much wisdom as possible is a sure bet for Sotapanna – panna Sotapanna possibly ekabija .

        BT Tay
        10 Aug 2022 08:32:22 UTC

      • BT Tay says:

        Ven Aggacitta ,

        In the message :
        10 Aug 2022 08:32:22 UTC
        Thank you for Ven Aggacitta’s illustration of vayadhamma sankhara . So now for the appamadena sampadetha part – is the Anatta Workshop .


        Because in the Anattalakkhana Sutta there is :
        yasmā ca kho bhikkhave rūpaṃ anattā, tasmā rūpaṃ ābādhāya saṃvattati, na ca labbhati rūpe – ‘evaṃ me rūpaṃ hotu, evaṃ me rūpaṃ mā ahosī’ti.

        Ven Aggacitta’s message May 30, 2021 at 3:10 am certainly reinforces vayadhamma sankhara by demonstrating the ” ābādhāya saṃvattati” aspect of our daily life and experiences at the real world level ( not dhamma cloud 9 feel good level) – the tilakkhana yathā-bhūtaṃ in real world 21st century .

        Also is Ven Aggacitta trying to “indirectly”/powerfully hint – teach the 5 aggregates ” ābādhāya saṃvattati” and tilakkhana yathā-bhūtaṃ in the Open Mindfulness approach that Ven teaches or recommends , that is definitely in line with the Anattalakkhana Sutta’s ” evam’etaṃ yathā-bhūtaṃ sammappaññāya daṭṭhabbaṃ.”
        Now this particular “sammappaññāya” involves samatha and vipassana , both at once .
        This surpassing , superior , supreme added value “”sammappaññāya” samādhi as per the Anattalakkhana Sutta .

        BT Tay
        11 Aug 2022 05:42:43 UTC

  13. BT Tay says:

    Dear Ven Aggacitta ,

    Is it possible for there to be youtube sessions on Anatta with extracts from the Pali Tipitaka
    by Ven Aggacitta ? The Anatta intensive on youtube by Ven Aggacitta .
    The rationale : so that surpassing wisdom and surpassing Vipassana can be developed . And people will need to hear and view these Anatta intensive youtube videos again and again – to sharpen and resharpen and sharpen further the anatta-panna .
    Nobody can beat Tathagata Shakyamuni on Anatta .

    While there a few english translations for the Sutta Nipata – but in some parts the translations differ , or even not as accurate and precise as it should be .

    BT Tay
    10 Aug 2022 09:21:48 UTC

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"Indescribable heartfelt gratitude and appreciation go to Ayasma Aggacitta for conducting the workshops over the years." Joo Lan

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