Sutta Workshops by Āyasmā Aggacitta

This website was originally created to collate material for the Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop (SSW) 2012, especially the video clips in YouTube to facilitate proper navigation. The collated material is still here. Click on Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta on the menu above. Hover your cursor over the menu and Days 1 to 4 will appear as a popup.

We are now widening the scope of this website to cover other Dhamma courses conducted by Āyasmā Aggacitta, the videos of which are in YouTube. It is under construction.

The pages for the Samatha & Vipassanā Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop (SVW) 2014 and How to Diminish the Effects of Bad Past Kamma Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop (BKW) 2016 have been updated and all the videos uploaded to YouTube. For a structured and systematic navigation experience of the videos, please feel welcome to visit the relevant pages.

We are currently constructing the pages for How to Die a Good Death Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop (GDW) 2019. The video clips will be published as soon as they have been collated, edited and finalised. So, do follow us and be the first to be informed and to view them soonest.


7 comments on “Sutta Workshops by Āyasmā Aggacitta
  1. Tan Joo Lan says:

    I find the you tube upload of the proceedings of the Satipatthana workshop over 4 days and other info to be of good quality in the visuals and sound, the access easy. This entails tremendous effort and dedication and thanks go to Mikael for making it possible for us to benefit from this project.
    Indescribable heartfelt gratitude and appreciation go to Ayasma Aggacitta for conducting the workshops over the years.

  2. Neville Evans says:

    Today I have found a wonderful gift, I look forward to the study.

  3. N.K.FOO says:

    Sadhu! Sadhu! Ssdhu! to Ayasma Aggacitta for taking time to conduct the workshops and making the video for the happiness and benefit of Dhammafarers.

  4. BT Tay says:

    I rejoice indeed.

    Perhaps a more exhaustive linguistic analysis of the terms “atapi sampajano” would yield deeper meanings /wider scope – range of meaning that may not necessarily be readily apparent from the english translation.

  5. BT Tay says:

    Dear Ayasma Aggacitta ,

    I truly rejoice and applaud you for this website.

  6. SarathW says:

    Thanks to Ven. Aggacitta and all the admin staff for this wonderful project.
    I have given lot of publicity for this web site in our Dhamma discussion group Dhamma Wheel. Please join.

  7. BT Tay says:

    Dear Ven Aggacitta ,

    Please have a long life filled with perfect energy .
    May all your Dhamma-Vinaya activities fluorish further.

    Nowadays covid-19 is such a good wake up call . The covid-19 dukkha.

    11-9-2020 21:02:30

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"Indescribable heartfelt gratitude and appreciation go to Ayasma Aggacitta for conducting the workshops over the years." Joo Lan

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