GDW 100 Intro & Overview of Workshop  27:02

Chanting of the salient parts of the root sutta AN 3.110 upon which the topic of the workshop is built; rationale behind the arrangement of the sections of the workbook; structure of the workshop.

Click on the following titles to see the rest of the day’s videos. The videos are in high definition. If a video loads slowly, you have the option of reducing the resolution, by clicking the wheel icon (settings) at the bottom right of the YouTube screen.

Read Arakkhita Sutta (AN 3.110) in the workbook pp14-15 as well as the Appendix before viewing GDW 101 and GDW 103.

GDW 101 Introduction to Root Sutta and Instruction for D1  05:42

Reiterating the primary message of the Buddha in Arakkhita Sutta (AN 3.110) while pointing out the Buddha’s usage of the words citta and mano in the sutta. Giving instruction on how to approach Discussion Topic D1.

Discussion Topic D1:
What, do you think, is the difference between citta and mano, particularly in the relationship between mind (citta) and mental action (manokamma)?

GDW 102 Guided Open Awareness Meditation  20:56

Participants are required to keep their eyes open while following the guided meditation so that they can continue to practice mindfulness during their daily lives when their eyes are open most of the time.

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