BKW 500 Final Summary & Conclusion
Bhante reviews the main conclusions reached in the workshop and concludes with a final comment.
Section 1: Volitional (1) (AN 10.217) 00:11
Can one really experience the results all kamma before attaining final liberation? 00:45
The case of Bāhiya Dāruciriya 01:18
The result of kamma is unthinkable 07:55
The significance of the third simile 08:18

Section 2: A Lump of Salt (AN 3.100) 09:47
How an arahant can dwell in the Divine Abidings 11:33

Section 3: Cross References 14:38
Kāya as “subjective experiencer” 16:55
Aggacitta Theravāda 17:30
Perhaps not only arahants can diminish the effects of bad past kamma 19:05
Can repentance ceremonies diminish the effects of bad past kamma? 19:52
How can lay people practise sense restraint? 20:50

BKW 501 Grand Summary and Q&A
Bhante rounds off the 2-day workshop with a succinct summary.
Final Q&A
Can OA be done while sitting on a comfortable chair? 00:50
Are the factors of the N8P to be cultivated successively or simultaneously? 03:35
How important is meditation in this path? 06:48
Does an arahant have cetanā (intention, volition)? 08:40
What is jhāna? 10:48
What is the characteristic of insight in a lay context? 12:30




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