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How to Die a Good Death Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop


Organised by the Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia and facilitated by Āyasmā Aggacitta, How to Die a Good Death Sutta Study with Meditation Workshops were held in 21 locations in Malaysia and Singapore between Jan – Aug 2019 and attended by more than 1,250 people.

The purpose of this web page is to provide an opportunity for those who could not attend the live course to follow the best of these workshops and for those who attended to review what they had learnt and to acquire additional information from other workshop venues.

GDW in Shah Alam Buddhist Society 26-27 January 2019


This is a two-day Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop on How to Die a Good Death, a topic built upon the Buddha’s pronouncement in Arakkhita Sutta (AN 3.110) that when one’s mind is protected, one will have a good death.

The workshop hopes to facilitate the task of finding out how to protect the mind through the study of a workbook containing relevant excerpts from the suttas, arranged in a structured way and guided by discussion topics. The workbook also focuses on the issue of what happens after death from the perspective of the Pāḷi suttas of Early Buddhism and explores excerpts from the suttas with details on how to prepare for a good death, including occasions of death-bed scenarios.

Structure of Workbook

There are 5 sections in the workbook:

  1. Root Sutta: Arakkhita Sutta (AN 3.110)
  2. How to Protect or Guard the Mind
  3. What is Kāyagatāsati?
  4. When Does Rebirth Occur?
  5. Properly Orienting the Mind

Format of Workshop

Throughout the workshop, participants are urged to maintain an open-minded spirit of true enquiry while critically scrutinising the scriptural references and trying out the meditation techniques presented here.

Āyasmā Aggacitta gives an overview of the workshop, summarises the sutta excerpts in each section and explains each discussion topic before participants begin their discussion. Sutta study is made practical through guided open awareness meditation exercises in between discussion topics. At the end of each discussion session, a representative from each selected group will then present the group’s findings. This is followed by Āyasmā Aggacitta’s explanation of the answer to the discussion topic. His explanations are often not only based on the Pāḷi scriptures but also include other sources of ancient wisdom and from modern research findings and real-life experiences. There are also Q&A sessions whenever appropriate.

Outline of Workshop


1 Root Sutta: Unprotected / Peaked Roof (1)

1.1 Discussion Interspersed with Meditation

1.2 Presentation of Findings

1.3 Facilitator’s Summary & Conclusion

1.4 Q & A

2 How to Protect or Guard the Mind

2.1 Discussion Interspersed with Meditation

2.2 Presentation of Findings

2.3 Facilitator’s Summary & Conclusion

2.4 Q & A

3 What is Kāyagatāsati?

3.1 Discussion Interspersed with Meditation

3.2 Presentation of Findings

3.3 Facilitator’s Summary & Conclusion

3.4 Q & A

Summary & Conclusion for Day 1


4 When Does Rebirth Occur?

4.1 Discussion Interspersed with Meditation

4.2 Presentation of Findings

4.3 Facilitator’s Summary & Conclusion

4.4 Q & A

5 Properly Orienting the Mind

5.1 Discussion Interspersed with Meditation

5.2 Presentation of Findings

5.3 Facilitator’s Summary & Conclusion

5.4 Q & A

6 Comprehension, Retention & Benefit

6.1 Discussion

6.2 Presentation of Findings

Summary & Conclusion for Day 2

Grand Summary & Conclusion

How to Use this Webpage

There was video coverage of workshops held in 14 venues and the video clips will be published serially as soon as they have been collated, edited and finalised. The video clips will be based on the 20th workshop held at Wisma Seck Kia Eenh, Melaka, Malaysia, with relevant footage from 13 other venues covered during the workshop tour between January – August 2019.

This webpage provides a navigational structure for the videos of the workshop and it will be updated with a synopsis of and link to a video clip as soon as it is uploaded to YouTube.

There is a menu at the top of every page. Click Good Death to go to the overview of that course. Hover over the menu item and a pop-up list shows Day 1 and How to Use, which contains instructions for individuals and groups to get the most from the course, and links to materials which can be downloaded.

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