200 Summary of Root Sutta
Discussing the Root Sutta, Lonakapalla Sutta [A Lump of Salt] (AN3.100)

Read page 14 A Lump of Salt before viewing the following video 

Discussion for D2
After having read through this sutta, what can we learn about how to diminish the effects of bad past kamma? In particular, what is the basic principle governing the ability to diminish the effects of bad past kamma? Give evidence from specific passages in this sutta to support your conclusions.

201 Guided Open Awareness Meditation 10:23

202 Presentation of D2 22.04
Presentations from several centres. Bhante was asked is there neutral kamma? Aren’t good and bad kamma relative? (Q&A at 18:23)

203 Explanation of D2 12:07



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