BKW How to Use

You may use the site and videos for group or individual self-study. The following pointers and materials may be useful.

Pre-reading for all Students
Some pre-reading before each exercise is required to gain the most from the course. The pdf version of the course book is here.

Diminish Effects of Bad Past Kamma Sutta Study Workbook_5.0s

Using the Videos 
1. It is best to watch the videos in sequence.
2. For the discussion topics,
a) first view the beginning of the track to understand the topic
b) pause and do your own discussion
c) then only watch the video of the presentation, explanation and Q&A if any.
Perhaps some of your questions might be answered in the Q&A or the teacher’s exposition. You can email him any doubts or questions that still need to be clarified, but he does not promise a prompt reply. Contact him via the webmaster (satipatthana.sbs@gmail.com).

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