SSW Day 3

The third day begins with yogis sharing their previous night’s experience or asking questions about practice.

300 Questions & Answers 16:12

A refresher of Days 1 and 2 follows. Click on the links below to go to the YouTube video.

301 Summary of Part 1 (Days 1 and 2) 9:57

Fourth Satipaṭṭhānā
We now go to the first part of CONTEMPLATION OF DHAMMAS.
302 Section 4.1 on Hindrances 23:06
303 Guided Meditation on the Hindrances 23:58
304 Discussion D12: Under what conditions can the hindrances be observed? 43:27

305 Section 4.2 on Aggregates 19:51
306 Discussion D13: How to contemplate the aggregates 2:12

307 Section 4.3 on Sense Bases 17:38
308 Discussion D14: What is the fetter for each sense base? 9:09
309 Discussion D15: Range of dhammas for the mind & vipassanā? 16:45
310 The Mechanics of Perception at the 6 Sense Doors 13:57
311 Guided Meditation on Open Awarenes of the Senses 27:41

312 Section 4.4a on Awakening Factors I 6:48
313 Discussion D16: What is sati as an awakening factor? 7:53
314 Discussion D17: Dhammavicaya as an awakening factor? 21:44

315 Summary and Conclusion: Day 3     11:32

End of Day 3. Click on the Day 4 tab in the menu bar above to go to the fourth day.

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