SSW Day 2

The second day continues with Contemplation of Body.
We are still at the first satipaṭṭhānā.

Caution: The following video contains pictures of parts of corpses. It is restricted to viewers over 18 years of age. Viewers may need a YouTube account to verify their age and view this clip.
201 Section 1.4 on Attention to Disgust 12:50

Click on the links below to go to the YouTube video.
Caution: The following video contains pictures of body parts of corpses. Conditions similar to above.

202 Guided Meditation on Body Parts 15:20

203 Discussion D6: How to contemplate impermanent nature of body parts 11:28

204 Section 1.5 on Attention to Elements 5:13
205 Guided Meditation on Elements while Standing 27:32
206 Discussion D7: How to contemplate the body as elements 20:39

207 Section 1.6 on Charnel Grounds 14:01
208 Guided Meditation on Corpses 4:35
209 Discussion D8: Benefits of contemplation on disgust vs that on corpses 6:01
210 Discussion D9: Classify 14 body contemplations as samatha or vipassanā 17:26

Second Satipaṭṭhānā
212 Guided Meditation on Feelings 14:13
213 Discussion D10: What is the difference between feeling and emotion? 16:15
214 Discussion D11: Difference between kāyā- and vedanānupassanā? 14:11

Third Satipaṭṭhānā
216 Guided Meditation on Mind 17:57
217 Questions & Answers 16:38

218 Summary and Conclusion: Day 2 6:57

Meditation at Night
219 Guided Meditation on Combinations of Kāyānupassanā 47:06

End of Day 2. Click on the Day 3 tab in the menu bar above to go to the third day.

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